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We have a known issue where Aerosensor can become unresponsive.

  • Make sure device has charge by plugging into USB-C.
  • Press reset button. You can find instructions on where to find it in the quickstart.

In addition, our device works on a standard 5V power supply.  Some laptop/phone charges are “smart chargers” that communicate with device to charge at a higher voltage.  These just flat out don’t work, so please try the following:

  • Try a different power source. A computer USB port is usually a safe bet.
  • Try a different USB cable, just in case that is the problem.  Rare but it has happened that the USB cable isn’t suitable.

If the LED doesn’t come on after this, please reach out to our support team.

It is likely that Aerosensor is not correctly paired to your ANT+ sensors.

  • BLE/ANT+ sensors transmit as both BLE and ANT+ separately. You may have paired to the BLE sensor. In the Garmin go to the sensor, and check that you are paired to the ANT+ sensor.
  • Check that the ANT+ power meter AND EITHER speed OR speed and cadence sensor is paired properly. Ensure the sensors are on by rotating pedals/crank/wheel then check pass-pairing (in CIQ app go to Connections->Pass Pairing). When properly paired the SPD and PWR icons in the top right hand corner of the CIQ app will show green.

There are a few reasons Aerosensor may report an incorrect CdA value.

  • Check that you have entered an appropriate Aero Calibration factor in the CIQ app (Aerosensor settings->Parameters->Edit Parameters). For instructions on how to get this value see the quickstart guide.
  • Make sure you have calibrated the power meter.
  • Make sure that other Aerosensor parameters (in particular Total Mass, Wheel Circumference, Power meter scaling, Reference Crr) are correct.
  • If using a pedal based power meter, ensure that the crank length is set correctly in the Garmin Power Meter sensor settings.

If Aerosensor is not able to connect to the aerosensor updater then it is likely the USB-C cable is power only, not power + data. Try a different cable.

We have also noticed that USB-C to USB-C chargers don’t work for updater for this reason.

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