Trackside Lap Logger

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The Aerosensor Lap Logger is a piece of software that allows a coach to view data from the ACS Connect IQ app trackside. The ConnectIQ app transmits data from the previous lap continuously, allowing an ANT dongle equipped computer to display and log the data, meaning that the coach can make quick decisions on the results, knowing what to do next with the rider before they come off the track.


The software is only compatible with a Windows based computer.

The application can be downloaded from the downloads section here.

To operate an ANT+ dongle is required, such as the one below:

Other manufacturers offer similar products at lower prices, although quality may vary.

For optimal reception it is recommended that a USB extension lead is used, ideally 2m long, and the dongle is placed high up somewhere.


  1. Open the application from the start menu (search for “ANT_Lap_Logger”) or use the shortcut on the desktop.
  2. Click “Browse” and select a folder to save log files to.
  3. Click “Connect” and ensure that “Sensor opened” shows.
    In the “Messages” window, when ACS is open on the Garmin you should see data packets coming through. If nothing appears, click “Close” then “Open” again to reset the connection.
  4. For each set of laps:
    1. Click “Reset” to remove any data from the “LapData” grid from previous runs.
    2. Enter the run description in the “Description” field.
    3. Click on “Start log” to start logging the data to a file.
  5. As each lap comes in, you can click on the checkbox under the “Flag” column in the lap data to activate or deactivate laps. The average of all active laps is displayed under session data.
  6. Click “Stop log” at the end of the session, which will save the data and close the log file.
  7. The log file is a simple .csv comma delimited file which can be opened directly in Microsoft Excel.
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Trackside Lap Logger

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