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Aerobody Connection

Make sure that Aerobody is switched on.

  1. Press the menu button on the Garmin head unit.
  2. Select “Connections” -> “Aerobody”.
4. Connect device

3. Select the device you want to connect to. Note: it is worth keeping a note of the Device ID for your Aerobody for your records, especially if you are a coach and have multiple devices for your riders.

Set Reference

The CIQ app shows your body position relative to a reference which you can set as follows:

  1. Got to Menu-> Aerobody Settings->Set Reference.
  2. Get into your ideal position on the bike. To do this support the bike in a turbo trainer, or ask someone to support it for you, and get into your normal riding position.
  3. Select “Measure”. This will give you a 5 second countdown to get in position, then will take a 2 second average of your position. When complete the measurements will show in red to indicate the new values are unsaved, and the “Save” button will be highlighted.
  4. Click “Save” to send the new position to Aerobody. Wait for the head and chest display to update to green, and the save button to turn grey and show “Saved”.
5. Set datum

Set Null Zone

The body position fields in the CIQ app will turn red if you are higher, or blue if you are lower, than your reference position. It will be white if you are within a set “null zone” around your reference position. As an example, a 1.5cm null zone means that the rider moving between -1.5cm and +1.5cm of their reference head or chest position will remain white whilst riding. Anything outside of these values are considered “out of position” will be red or blue depending if you are too high or too low.

The null zone may be set as follows:

  1. Got to Menu-> Aerobody Settings->Set Null Zone.
  2. The buttons can be used to adjust in multiples of 1cm and 0.1cm as necessary.
  3. Click “Save” to send the new position to Aerobody.

Aerobody information

Got to Menu -> Aerobody settings -> About

Here you can see information about your Aerobody device, including battery level, firmware version and serial number. Battery voltage is also included as it is useful for diagnostic purposes.

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