Aerobody CIQ Datafield

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Aerobody is a device that mounts on your stem and measures the distance to your head and chest. This is a good indication of your overall body position.

The Aerobody datafield allows you to view your body position data in the context of your normal Garmin views. You can add it in the same way you would add any other data such as speed, power, time etc. It also adds your aerobody data to the fit file so you can view it after your ride.


Search for Aerobody on the ConnectIQ store and follow instructions to install. 

  • Once installed, on your Garmin select the data screen (in your chosen activity profile) and edit the field where you want the data to appear.
  • Select Connect IQ from the list.
  • Select Aerobody from the list.

Note that aerobody really needs a full screen width field to display correctly as it displays both head and chest positions.


Turn on your Aerobody device.

The Aerobody datafield will automatically connect to the first Aerobody signal it picks up.  It saves this so that next time it will look for the same physical device.

If you need to switch to a different Aerobody device, firstly make sure that only that one is switched on and in range (roughly 10m) of the Garmin unit, the follow the following steps.

  • Make sure that Garmin Connect app is installed on your phone and paired with your Edge unit.
  • Turn on your Garmin and the Aerobody device.
  • In either Garmin Connect or the Garmin ConnectIQ app, select your device, then go find the datafield app. Open settings.
  • Move the slider next to “Reset paired device” to the right.
  • Click “Save”. The display on the Garmin should show “Reconnecting” for 3 seconds then switch back to the data view.  Ensure that a surface is within 300mm of the Aerobody device in order to make sure it is reading data.

Setting datum

Aerobody allows you to set a datum, which you can think of as a target position for you to maintain whilst riding. The head and chest fields will go red if you go above this; blue if below, outside of a “null zone”, the dimensions of which you can modify in the settings.  You can also set an audible alert to warn you when you are outside of your target range. By default the relative position is shown in the fields, which is the distance between your current position and the datum.  This can be changed to absolute position in the datafield settings.
To set your datum, follow these steps:
  • Get on the bike, ready to get into position. Use a turbo-trainer or friend to support it.
  • In settings, put the “Set datum” slider to the right. Click “Save”.
  • On the datafield it will give you a countdown of 3 seconds to get into position.
  • The datafield It will then average your position and save it.
Now when you are in the correct position the display should have an uncoloured background.  If you are too low it goes blue; too high it goes red.
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Aerobody CIQ Datafield

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