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What follows outlines the basic setup of Aerobody.  For more detailed information please refer to the other articles on the left hand side. 

ACS Installation

Download the ACS app to your Garmin.  Go to Garmin ConnectIQ store and search for “Aerosensor” or use link below.


ACS screen layout

  1. FIT file recording status:
    Red square = not recording.
    Green triangle = recording.
  2. Aerobody connection and battery status.
  3. Aerosensor connection status.
  4. Aerosensor power and speed or speed/cadence sensor connection status: Green = Connected. Orange = Searching. Red = Disconnected.
  5. Aerosensor battery status.
  6. Back key Use in menus use to go back a step, or on data screens exists app. This may be a button instead of touch screen icon depending on your Garmin Edge model.
  7. Menu key. This may be a button instead of touch screen icon depending on your Garmin Edge model.

Aerobody setup


1.    Install device using Garmin ¼-turn mount.

2.    Position device. Using your hand to check, rotate Aerobody so the head sensor is picking up your chin. Tighten mount screw to lock in position.

3.    Open either ACS or Aerobody datafield on Garmin device.

4.    Connect Aerobody to CIQ app.

a. Turn on Aerobody.  It should connect automatically.  If not:

b. Menu > Connections > Aerobody.

c. Wait for CIQ app to find device, then click on it to connect.

5.      Set your datum position using the app or datafield.

Data Analysis

Data is recorded to FIT file.  You can view the data via various platforms:
  • Aerosensor Excel Analysis Tool
    Automated in-depth analysis in a macro-enabled Excel workbook, available from the downloads section.
  • Aerotune
    Online platform tailored for Aerosensor analysis. See Aerotune website.
  • Garmin Connect
    All Aerosensor data is visible as “Developer fields” on the Garmin Connect website, after your head units has synced.
  • WKO
    Workbook available from downloads section of our website.
  • Golden Cheetah
    We are working with Golden Cheetah developers to better support aero testing. Watch this space!
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