Lap / Velodrome testing

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  • For best results, calibrate the power meter before starting each run.
  • The more laps you ride, the more accurate the average for the run will be, as shown on page 9 of the CIQ app.


  1. Once you have set everything up, press the start/stop activity button on your gamin to start recording.
  2. Ride at least 4 full laps, (i.e. out lap, 4 test laps, in lap).  Whilst testing try to maintain a constant power output and body position.  You must ride above the preset minimum speed.
  3. Data for each lap is shown in the page 8 of the CIQ app.
  4. Don’t forget to press the “start/stop activity” button again to end the recording.
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Lap / Velodrome testing

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