Important notes & prerequisites

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Important notes

Aerosensor is designed for outdoor paved roads or velodrome use in dry conditions and is therefore not suitable for wet conditions.

The device is not waterproof as it has holes to allow pressure measurement.

Aerosensor must be removed in wet conditions. If you think it will rain whilst you are out riding or the road may be wet in places then take a 3mm hex key with you so you can remove the device and put it in your jersey pocket for the rest of your ride.

Aerosensor will vibrate on rough paved roads. This has no negative impact on measurement quality. However if excessive vibrations occur, or if Aerosensor pitches down after use, please check the got-pro mount screw was sufficiently tight.

Clean Aerosensor with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals that may damage the product’s surface.


Aerosensor requires an ANT+ power and either bike speed or bike speed + cadence sensor. It also requires a Garmin cycling computer.

Bike Computer

Currently to use the ACS you will need a Garmin bike computer that can run Garmin Connect IQ applications at a minimum of SDK 3.1.0. A full list of compatible devices is available on the link below – be sure to check that the device has the “A” symbol, meaning apps. 

We will make data fields in the future, allowing you to see data in the standard Garmin context, and also on the Edge 130.

Power Meter (PWR)

Aerosensor requires a quality power meter. Single sided pedal-based power meters are not sufficiently accurate for good aerodynamic data. Remember that the aero data you get will only be as accurate as the power meter used.  

Speed (SPD) or Speed/Cadence (BSC) Sensor

For the best accuracy we highly recommend a magnet-based speed sensor. Hub mounted speed sensors or GPS based speed sensors do not have the time resolution necessary for high quality aerodynamic data.

Device mounts

Aerosensor has been designed to work on a variety of different bike bar types, notably the following:

  1. Drop handlebars – usually standard on road bikes and track bikes.
  2. Clip-on time-trial (TT) bars – additions to road and track bikes.
  3. Integrated TT handlebar/cockpit – mostly seen on TT and triathlon specific bikes.

A go-pro mount is required to install Aerosensor – for example one underneath a bike computer mount (sold separately, available on our website in Accessories).

Whilst Aerosensor can be used on most bike setups, there will be some bar variants that may be trickier to setup. Please do not hesitate to contact us at with any questions or for advice on how to best mount onto your bike.

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Important notes & prerequisites

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