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Riding with Aerosensor

Always make sure you calibrate your power meter before starting a ride.  You must do this on the Garmin outside of the CIQ app.

Always run the CIQ app whilst riding to view and record your Aerosensor or Aerobody data.

Press the “start/stop activity” button on the Garmin to start recording data to fit file.

When your cycling speed exceeds the preset “Valid speed min” speed a new lap will be started and the CdA field will show a countdown to when data will be available. If the averaging time is set to 30s then this will count down from 30s to zero.  When it reaches zero the live CdA value will be shown.

As well as CdA, a “lap CdA” value is shown on some screens. This shows the average CdA over the current lap, and is available from 10 seconds after the valid speed is hit.

When you slow down again the lap will be finished, either by dropping below the minimum speed, or by braking hard. The lap CdA for the last lap will be available.

Don’t forget to press the “start/stop activity” button again to end the recording.

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General Riding

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