Important notes & prerequisites

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Important notes

Aerobody uses optical sensors for measuring your body position, so keeping the sensor lenses clean and free from debris is critical for good performance.

The USB port should be kept dry and free from debris. After charging, please ensure that the bung is replaced firmly.

Although Aerobody is splashproof, it is not designed to operate in wet conditions. Please ensure it is removed if outdoors and raining.

Clean Aerobody with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals that may damage the product’s surface.


Aerobody doesn’t require any other devices to work; you will need a Garmin cycling computer however.

Device mounts

Aerobody has been designed to work on a variety of different bike bar types, notably the following:

  1. Drop handlebars – usually standard on road bikes and track bikes.
  2. Clip-on time-trial (TT) bars – additions to road and track bikes.
  3. Integrated TT handlebar/cockpit – mostly seen on TT and triathlon specific bikes.

Aerobody is supplied with a quarter-turn mount suitable for most bike setups.

Whilst Aerobody can be used on most bike setups, there will be some bar variants that may be trickier to setup. Please do not hesitate to contact us at with any questions or for advice on how to best mount onto your bike.

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Important notes & prerequisites

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