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What follows outlines the basic setup of Aerodrome. For more detailed information please refer to the other articles on the left hand side. 

ACS Installation

Download the ACS app to your Garmin.  Go to Garmin ConnectIQ store and search for “Aerosensor” or use link below.


ACS screen layout

  1. FIT file recording status:
    Red square = not recording.
    Green triangle = recording.
  2. Aerobody connection and battery status.
  3. Aerosensor connection status.
  4. Aerosensor power and speed or speed/cadence sensor connection status: Green = Connected. Orange = Searching. Red = Disconnected.
  5. Aerosensor battery status.
  6. Back key Use in menus use to go back a step, or on data screens exists app. This may be a button instead of touch screen icon depending on your Garmin Edge model.
  7. Menu key. This may be a button instead of touch screen icon depending on your Garmin Edge model.

Aerodrome Setup

  1. Install tapeswitch across track, securing with duck tape.
  2. Position Aerodrome about 1-2 meters downstream of the tapeswitch, close to track, oriented so that the buttons are closest to the track as shown.
  3. Ensure Aerodrome blue light is flashing
    When Aerosensor is on and within a few meters of the Aerodrome the light will flash to show it is able to communicate with it. This ensures radio signal is strong enough to work.  It only needs to pick up Aerosensor’s signal for 1-2 meters after the tapeswitch is crossed.
  4. Open ACS in “Velodrome Tracked” mode.
    This assumes no elevation changes, and uses the trackmap to correct for cyclist lean angle.
  5. Edit track map in ACS.
    See section in CIQ app documentation.
Remember to start an activity on the Garmin before starting to ride. Aerosensor will automatically create new laps every time you cross the tapeswitch. Note that the data appears on the Garmin a couple of seconds after the end of lap, once Aerosensor has finished averaging data for the lap.

Aero testing guidance

Reliable aerodynamic testing is reliant on good testing protocols.  Here are a few tips for best results.
  • CdA data is only as accurate as the inputs. Make sure you check Aerosensor’s settings in the ACS app before every test.
  • Always calibrate power sensor before starting testing. Small calibration offsets can result in a big error in CdA measurement.
  • Always start and end your test block with a baseline repeat.
  • Try to maintain a constant speed through each run.
  • For velodrome testing we recommend 6-8 laps per configuration.
  • The more laps you do, the better the repeatability will be.

Data Analysis

Data is recorded to FIT file.  You can view the data via various platforms:
  • Aerosensor Excel Analysis Tool
    Automated in-depth analysis in a macro-enabled Excel workbook, available from the downloads section.
  • Aerotune
    Online platform tailored for Aerosensor analysis. See Aerotune website.
  • Garmin Connect
    All Aerosensor data is visible as “Developer fields” on the Garmin Connect website, after your head units has synced.
  • WKO
    Workbook available from downloads section of our website.
  • Golden Cheetah
    We are working with Golden Cheetah developers to better support aero testing. Watch this space!
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